Our Roller blinds are available in a large range of colours and patterns.  

Blackout Fabric Roller Blinds are very popular (especially in bedrooms) to ensure a darkened room whatever time of day it is. Our blackout fabrics are available in plain colours or a range of patterns/designs.

Children's Blackout Blinds  are available in a wide range of fabrics for nursery's, playrooms and children's bedrooms for example dinosaurs, stars, unicorns as well as a lovely range of colours.  

Sheer Roller Blinds are supplied in fabrics which give privacy yet do not block out the light.

Duo Roller Blinds are supplied on one set of brackets, the duo roller blinds are two separate blinds, operated independently and usually combine a sheer and a blackout blind together.

Day/Night Blinds are dual shade roller blinds that are similar in appearance to a venetian blind from the outside with its horizontal stripes. They have a sheer section followed by a solid colour which is available in blackout or non-blackout fabric.

Bloc Out Blinds provide a style of blackout blind with side rails along the top and sides of the blind firmly secure the fabric and prevent light escaping along the edges. A bottom seal creates a barrier between the bottom of the blind and the window sill blocking out light and reducing heat loss.

All of our roller blind styles are also available as motorised - or can be automated further and made into 'smart blinds' which connect to your home Wi-Fi via a smart hub and app.

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