05 Jan

At Dave’s Blinds, we've always cherished the opportunity to collaborate with our local schools. But today, we are bursting with pride as we shine a spotlight on our efforts to support schools in our community, ensuring that their windows are not only adequately shaded but also helping them save some hard-earned cash.

Let's be real, schools are the unsung heroes in our communities, doing incredible work on tight budgets. That's why, now more than ever, we're putting a focus on finding ways to save them money - and we've discovered a fantastic avenue, energy efficiency, specifically through smart window shading options.

According to data published by the BBSA, incorporating blinds or shutters can result in a whopping 33% reduction in heat loss through windows. That's not just good for the environment; it's fantastic news for schools looking to cut costs and allocate resources where they matter most – education.

Speaking of education, we all know how important it is for our little ones to be comfortable in their learning environments - this is where blinds and window film come in. These not only contribute to significant energy savings but also play a pivotal role in keeping our little ones focused and cool during those sweltering summer months.

At Dave’s Blinds one school holds a special place in our hearts – Giles Brook School in Tattenhoe. This isn't just because we work with many customers in the local community; it's because this school is currently nurturing the educational journey of the junior members of the Dave’s Blinds family – our grandchildren, children, nieces, and nephews.

Recently, Giles Brook School completed a new design and technology room which was in need of a shading solution. We teamed up with the Friends of Giles Brook Association to make it happen. The result? A sleek installation of roller blinds – fire-resistant, PVC blinds that are not only wipeable but also energy-efficient and built to last.

Here’s to brighter classrooms, focused minds, and a community that comes together to support our schools. Cheers to making a difference, one window at a time!

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