24 Jan

Are you moving to a new home?  Would you like to know the process of buying blinds and having them installed as soon as you move in?

As a business based in Milton Keynes, the centre of new build developments we’re used to being contacted for advice on blinds in a new home.  The thought of moving into a new home with nothing to provide privacy and security at the windows is daunting -  but how do you buy blinds for a house you’ve only been in once or that has been bought from plans or a show home?

That’s where we come in - we welcome customers to our showroom where one of our team can answer questions about different types of blinds or shutters.  We advise on different styles, show samples, fabrics and help you decide which best reflects you, and therefore your home.  If you’re out of town you can still benefit from one of our showroom consultations via facetime or photo’s.

When moving home this simple step by step guide can help you plan ahead of time to ensure your blinds will be fitted alongside your move-in date as closely as possible;

2-6 Weeks Before You Move

  • Call the Dave’s Blinds office to make an appointment for a showroom visit, or to let us know what type of blinds you require in each room
  • We will arrange a measure up appointment in your new home -  if a new build, you do not need to attend this, some site offices prefer we go in high vis  and PPE as it will be accessing a building site

2-4 Weeks Before You Move

  • We will visit your new home and take measurements based on the type of blinds you’re looking for
  • We will contact you to go through options with our team to decide which blinds are right for you
  • Once you’ve chosen your blinds we will request a 50% deposit and get your blinds ordered.  We would always recommend no blinds are ordered until you’ve exchanged
  • We then hold your blinds until your completion date

0-2 Weeks Before You Move

  • Stay in touch with us.  We know dates change but as soon as we have an ETA for your blinds we can pencil you in a fitting date as close as possible to the date you get the keys
  • Once you have the keys and are ready for us we will schedule a date to fit your blinds, tidy up after ourselves and even take the boxes away for recycling.  All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your new blinds

Often people contact us once they’ve moved into their new home but this could mean waiting for blinds longer than you would like - so it’s never too soon to contact us once you’re on your way to your new home.

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