12 Jan

In the past two years we’ve spent more time than ever in our homes - this has seen many of us investing our time and money in home improvements - as the main setting of our lives we want to create a space that reflects who we are, and what we’re drawn to - but what exactly is it that we will be drawn to in 2022?

Experts predict interior trends in the following areas this year;

Shades of Brown

Neutrals are set to take a back seat in 2022 with pallett’s experimenting with colour again - in hues you’d find in nature, with chocolate browns, camels, caramels and terracotta tones making an appearance.

Nature Inspired

With more time spent indoors than ever before, we’re all seeking to strengthen our connection with nature - think large trees at home, imperfect natural materials, stoneware, marble and terracotta used for everything from backsplashes to furniture and decorative objects.

High-Tech Homes

It’s 2022 and we’re officially living in the future! With evolving design and advances in technology our homes are becoming a hotspot for high tech accessories -  our blinds are no exception with voice activated and remote controlled blinds. 

Bold Patterns and Colours

In theme with the move away from neutrals it’s predicted there will be a rise in the use of bold pattern fabrics and wallpapers - with paints, accents and accessories in vibrant colours - hues of green and blue in particular.

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