06 Dec

As we as consumers become more aware of climate change and the impact of our behaviours the demand for recycling, sustainability and the responsible use of materials is on the rise - and the use of which in our homes is no exception.

We all need to do our part when it comes to climate change, and buying sustainable homewares is an easy start to make with the selection of eco-friendly homewares becoming more readily available - from reworked vintage material to new recycled blinds, we’re being offered more options and avenues to bring sustainability into our homes.

Here at Dave’s Blinds we’ve seen an increase in the number of recycled blinds we’re fitting for our customers - the new Aquarius collection offers a beautiful selection of Rollers, Verticals, Pleated and Romans in stylish patterns and colours,  with a wide selection available in high quality recycled materials.

Would you like to introduce sustainability into your home with blinds - make an appointment to come and take a look at samples of the recycled Aquarius options at our showroom - contact us on 01908 502 141 to make an appointment.

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