18 May

Did you know that on average our homes lose 30% of their heating energy through windows - luckily blinds and shutters are a great eco-friendly way to dress our windows, manage light and keep a little more heat inside - we no longer have to choose between doing our part for the environment and style.

Are you looking for the warmth of real wood in your home but worried about the impact? - Faux Wooden Venetian Blinds made from sustainable sources can bring the same natural textures into your home in a more eco friendly way.

If you’re looking for something modern - aluminium is the most abundant metal in the world. It can be recycled over and over making it extremely environmentally friendly. Choosing blinds made from aluminium you will make your home greener within minutes. 

Interested in something to keep you cool in the summer and toasty on those cold winter nights Thermal Blinds are perfect for this. If you’re looking at  Roller Blinds, Smart Blinds or Vertical Blinds – thermal designs make use of a specialist material. Lots of layers of thermal fabric are sandwiched between your desired fabric to lock the heat in - creating a reduction in heat loss of up to 60%!

Our top tip for being eco-friendly when dressing your windows is go for high quality, durable blinds that will stand the test of time. Not only will you be showing a little extra support to the planet, but you will also reduce the resources and energy needed to replace them.

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