10 Nov

In this modern economy we’re led to believe that to have a successful business in 2021 you need to be fully automated,  you need to be ‘going viral’, have virtual offices, and no one ever needs to speak to an actual human, right? But is that what customers really want?  And does this have the makings of a business whose reputation precedes itself? We’re not so sure.

Dave’s Blinds is a small, family run, post-pandemic business - and we’re still here, in a position of growth, thriving and stronger than ever - and that’s not down to our number of followers or likes per week on our social media platforms.

Dave's Blinds is run by Dave and his team - the business was established in 2002, but Dave has worked in the industry since the 80’s. Styles and products have changed - but one thing has not, people like people, people like honesty and great customer.

 Our business works on a reputation built up over many years, and that reputation has been built by Dave - his values and his relationships with both his customers and suppliers - because quite frankly he cares about each of them, and ensuring they receive a quality service at a fair price, every-time.

At Dave’s Blinds we often start with one house on a street and end up getting to know the whole community, their families, their colleagues - and even their pets. We are so grateful for each customer who passes on our good name to their friends, their Gran (because everyone's Gran knows Dave) and their neighbours ......it truly has made our business the success it is.

In recent years the business has been spearheaded by Dave’s Daughters, and the team has grown to include a small and trusted team of like minded people all focused on doing the best job for our customers.  The team have all  absorbed and taken on every one of Dave’s values - and began to channel each of them, and we have been overwhelmed by the positive endorsements and reviews from our customers on social media. 

We asked Dave what advice he would give to a business - large or small, old or new - on how to remain successful,  with a reputation that precedes itself for almost two decades - Dave said that he prides himself on not just his quality of service, but his honesty, integrity and always being willing to go the extra mile for his customers, and he hopes that is reflected in the longevity of Dave's Blinds.

Dave and his family.

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