21 Mar

The first ever Global Shading Day is upon us!  On Tuesday 21st March’23 European Solar Shading Organisation (ES-SO) host the event aimed at spreading awareness about the many benefits of solar shading. From reducing our energy bills to helping fight climate change, solar shading is an important tool that we can all use to make a difference.

Why is this event so important? Well, the climate is changing and heatwaves are becoming more common. However, with efficient solar shading, we can prevent our homes and workplaces from overheating. By cooling a room with solar shading, we reduce the demand for air conditioning, which not only saves us money but also benefits the environment. Artificial air cooling and lighting are known to increase CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases, so reducing our reliance on them is a big win for everyone.

Another great thing about solar shading is that it allows us to adjust the amount of sunlight in our indoor spaces. This not only makes us happier but also helps to prevent glare. And with smart solar shading, we can intelligently manage heat and light for even greater levels of energy efficiency.
Sam Shervill, a member of the ES-SO marketing committee, spoke about the importance of companies collaborating to promote the benefits of solar shading. He said, "As individual companies we focus on selling blinds, but collectively we have the ability to raise the profile of our industry and the role it plays in saving energy, improving comfort, and cooling our planet."

So join the movement and help promote solar shading – together, we can make a real difference!

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