Explore the myriad possibilities available with our diverse range of shutters, each designed to cater to the unique needs of your home. Our commitment to excellence ensures that style, functionality, and durability are seamlessly woven into every shutter option we offer.

The customisation options are extensive – from various shapes and tilt rods to a wide array of materials. Take it a step further by personalising the colour based on the RAL colour of your choice.

As an independent company we can choose from various trusted suppliers to offer you a wide range of shutters choices to suit your needs.

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Our Seattle range stands as a testament to popularity and affordability. Crafted from polymer-coated engineered wood, these shutters are not only reliable and tough but also exude timeless charm. Embrace durability without compromise as you enhance your living space with this affordable and resilient choice.

For wide windows demanding larger panel sizes or simple shapes like arches and triangles, the Georgia range is your ideal companion. Engineered Wood frames and polymer louvers, a moisture and heat-resistant plastic, providing the perfect blend of affordability and durability. Elevate your space with the Georgia range, where practicality meets versatility.

Experience the luxury of real wood at an affordable price with our Boston range. Combining hardwood panels and louvres with sturdy engineered wooden frames, this range offers a premium hardwood finish without breaking the bank. Indulge in the richness of Boston and elevate your home with timeless elegance.

Immerse yourself in the hard-wearing sophistication of the Hollywood range. Constructed from ABS, a material resistant to heat and moisture, these shutters are an ideal choice for steamy bathrooms and wet rooms. Stylish, practical, and perfect for larger panels, the Hollywood range effortlessly combines form and function.

Enter the realm of luxury with our Montana range, constructed from premium hardwood. This collection offers exclusive options, including solid panelled shutters and a custom colour service. Navigate tricky-shaped windows with ease, from portholes to hexagons, and let the Montana range harmonise with your décor seamlessly.

The Urban shutters range are manufactured in the UK from durable polysilk vinyl and are available as a standard shutter or a perfect fit. These stylish shutters feature a speedy 4-week turnaround time and are available for viewing in our showroom.

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